Sunday, July 30, 2006

# 113 Mora Caballero

Snaped this photo of a real cowboy as he waited in line, the light was right so I painted it; where's the hat? A real cowboy takes his hat off when he enters a restaurant. JLC


Louis Boileau said...

I really like your portraits...a lot!! But I especially like this one.

Jon Conkey said...

Thanks Louis,
It is hard for me to find good male subjects to paint around here, I like to find them at work or unaware. This one was luck! I sure love your paintings! Your "gold spoon" painting is really very awesome. JLC

tonypetersart said...

Hey Jon,

Of all of your head paintings on here, this one is my favorite. I think it's a combination of your tonal palette and defined brushwork, there's some strong structure there.

Jon Conkey said...


Thanks for taking a look... this one was from a photo, I had plenty of time to stare at all those shapes and construct this particular face; I love the palette on this one as well.