Saturday, August 12, 2006

# 126 Mother and Child

This is a pastel work done ten years ago, drawing has always been a passion of mine: oil painting is completely different for me, I think it is much harder to paint with oils, perhaps due to the wide range of possiblities inherent in the oil medium. JLC


Angela Ferreira said...

Did you make this one? It is just so diferent from the other portraits...

Jon Conkey said...

Thanks Angela!

This is from over 15 years ago, when drawing from life with pastel chalks on brown paper was a near daily practice. It was my art education, and the foundation of my work today. Oil painting has been difficult for me to learn; because there are so many ways to manipulate the meduim, it can be made to look like all other mediums, yet, finding my own look in oil is my continuing challenge. JLC