Wednesday, August 23, 2006

# 137 Northern European

Nothing special about this costume, except that it is so functional and protective from sun and bugs. I had come up with something similar using a towel while in plein air mode, it looks so middle eastern. JLC


mick mcginty said...

Beautiful work! I've been following your work for a month now. Do you sell these pieces in a gallery? Where do you get your subjects? I'll be watching.

Mick McGinty

Jon Conkey said...

I really do need a gallery. My subjects come from careful sketches of ordinary people, photos, and a lot of pure invention. Sometimes I'll see something in a flash while in public, then attempt to achieve the essence of what I "think" I saw in my studio with custom lighting. JLC

Peter Yesis said...

I love looking at these interesting characters. Frans Hals style.
What size are they?

Keep it up, beautiful work!

Jon Conkey said...

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the Frans Hals association; he is my personal painting hero! I am keeping these works around 12" x 16", some are a little smaller, this is a comfortable size and does not limit me. JLC