Wednesday, August 30, 2006

# 144 Forester

Every year a crew of forestry workers goes through our nearby forests to remove dead and sick trees. This lets in more light , allows more water to the remaining trees, and creates a fire safe zone near homes; which in turn, makes the forests more healthy and us safer. JLC


Luis Colan said...

Hi there
I love your use of color on this painting. Every hue is crisp and the application of the paint is great. Also wanted to say that you have a way to capture people's personalities in your portraits that's very hard to do. These paintings are alive, they are not the dead 2 dimensional representations of someone's likeness.


Jon Conkey said...

Hi Luis, Those are fine compliments, it is nice to have this feedback; I am still learning a lot about oils from watching all the others out there. JLC