Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Frans Hals Detail

It may be hard to tell why this man's work is so great from looking at tiny photos of his full portraits. This tiny detail reveals the finesse of his fine brushwork, it made him famous. The many years required to paint this freely and still maintain the freshness and accuracy is rare these days. I guess you can tell I like this man's work: it is my goal to one day paint with such fine inspired brushstrokes! JLC


Peter Yesis said...

Keep going you're on the right path.
I agree with you. It is very rare to see such a spontaneous brush as his these days.People don't take the time to practice.

Jon Conkey said...

I have noticed that his touch has as much to do with his color harmony as the acual brushwork. His mastery of tones is so nice and varied that his brushwork overlays and reveals these colored layers. JLC