Tuesday, September 05, 2006

# 150 Punch Bowl Falls, Oregon

This piece I gave to my friend Neil Blender, an excellent skateboarder, and fine graphic artist. When we were in our teens we drew things constantly; in between skateboarding everywhere and everything. I am pleased to say He is once again producing art in the form of "woodblock prints". This piece is an oil 8.3/8" x 10.25" on primed cardstock. JLC


ming said...

from your paintings..i would have never thougt you were into skateboarding!


nice i'm ever impressed by the diversity in every of your pieces!

Jon Conkey said...

Hi Ming, People still can't believe it when I show-up to skate at our skatepark here in Taos; they keep looking for my kids! But of course, skateboarding is a natural choice for one who appreciates fine skill, dedication and individual expression; like painting or guitar, they keep my mind quick and heart young. JLC