Saturday, October 07, 2006

# 172 Harvest Moon

With a 24 hour power outage, I had plenty of time to watch them moon last night. Oil 5.50" x 8.00". JLC


June Parrish Cookson said...

Hi Jon,
Your ability to capture the light of the moon is wonderful. I love the colors and how the painting seems so real - almost as if I were right there looking up at the moon. And beyond the dark woods under the starry sky, I am listening to the mysterious night sounds.

Jon Conkey said...

June, You write wonderfully, thank you for your feedback! I plan to do more night scenes; the clear crisp nights are "moon season" around here. JLC

Anonymous said...

Nice painting, I didn't think of painting darkness, good change of pace, bet it was a liitle different to paint too.

Now I know you didn't leave me off your blog roll on purpose so here is my link. Did I get you?
Shanti Marie
look here for yours..

Jon Conkey said...

Hi Shanti Marie, Thanks for your nice feedback; and your absolutely correct, a mere oversight on my part, you are now included! Cheers JLC

Larry Seiler said...

nice nocturne there Jon....very it!!! Great feel..

Jon Conkey said...

Thanks much Larry! You are doing some very nice work. JLC