Monday, October 09, 2006

# 174 Eason's Produce Farm

Another piece from beautiful Easton Maryland, this guy had a very neat farm, and he allowed artists access to park and paint. Oil on Linen. JLC SOLD


June Parrish Cookson said...

Hi Jon,
Love the intensity of colors with this painting. You really did a great job keeping detail to a minimum which can be somewhat hard when painting flowers in a field. I especially like the mass of dark trees in the background. This really creates drama.

Look forward to the next one. Cheers!

Jon Conkey said...

Thanks for your fine insights June, Interestingly, as I was painting the scene, someone told me they really liked the dark mass of trees behind as well; I have learned so much from others' feedback, it is a schooling in itself. Normally, I would have been oblivious to those trees; I was just trying to get the scene down as fast as I could. Mahalo,JLC

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful!

Jon Conkey said...

Thanks Shant! I should have done more of them,(sunflower fields), when I was there. JLC