Friday, October 13, 2006

# 179 Night in Ledoux

Three abodes in the moonlight. Oil 7.25" x 14.25". JLC


Angela Ferreira said...

Dear John Conkey

I just read your comment at Karl Zipser and felt a lot of wise and truthfulness in your strong statement touched me so I had to login into your blog to have a look at your work and find more about you.
I liked the paintings straight way, skilled and clean so here is all my respect.
I am hoping that you will like my paintings too as for me I didn’t decide to become an artist. I been painting since a child, I am 27 years old now and find really hard to make a living of it, still an apprentice but I my necessity to paint is superior to my other needs.
I like your landscapes very much, I can see you been painting for a while and I really admire that in someone.
I wish you much success and hope to see more from you, not only for your personality but your great work!
All the best, hug


Jon Conkey said...

Angela, I am touched by your words; thank you! Your paintings possess much peace and heart, may all good come your way. Mahalo, JLC

"van Vliet" Art Blog said...

Nice clean strong image. A clear sky and atmoshere. Wonderfully composed.

Thanks for your recent encouragement. :)

Jon Conkey said...

Hi Gordon, Glad your back! I have still been trying to catch-up from "Easton Plein Air". That mural you were working on was top notch.