Monday, October 23, 2006

# 191 Rio Grande River

This spot is right off the Highway near Pilar, NM. I tried to paint it once; failed miserably! Took a tip from William Wray, sanded the image down, and re-painted it; now I can sleep at night. Oil on linen 8.50" x 12.00". JLC


Anonymous said...

I like your work and I want to thank you for your link exchange.

I love the landscapes

Jon Conkey said...

Hi Shant, My landscapes are getting ready to go under construction here pretty soon, am really working hard on figuring out what it is I like about landscapes; understanding the elements that attract me to them. Recently, I have been influenced by Paul Butzi's work; he is a photographer working with silver glass gelatin prints. He is letting me see in black and white what I want to paint in color.