Friday, November 03, 2006

# 202 Morning Farm

Here is a scene with the morning dew lurking in the shadows, before the sun rises on a new day. Oil 5.50" x 8.00" email to purchase.


Anonymous said...

very nice...really feels like morning

Angela Ferreira said...

Is that a river or lake in front?
That brigh green really contrasts with the dark bushes... it makes me want to go there... oohhh its just lovely!

Jon Conkey said...

Thanks Rhonda! I'm looking forward to seeing where this month takes me; "the atmospheric theme". I was originally attracted to the hazy blue shadowed field, in front of those distant blue trees.

Jon Conkey said...

Hi Angela, I did not intend for that to be water. Rather, it is the "white-rock roadpack" reflecting the colors of the shadows and foliage; or that was my attempt anyway. However, I like the river idea a lot, it is just a matter of interpretation.