Saturday, November 18, 2006

# 216 Sunflowers

This painting is one from a trip to Colusa, California A while back. I'm off to visit some family and friends for a while, I look forward to returning and catching up to my goal of 365 paintings in one year. The break will do me some good, during the time away I want to think about the direction I am going with this effort, the winds of change are blowing. Oil 9.00" x 12.00" email to purchase.


Angela Ferreira said...

When I logged into this one today I thought: who is the painter?
I had to check out it was your blog twice to make sure I wasn't wrong...
This is so beautiful yet so different... looking at it I find it very feminine and striking!!!
You just keep surprising us

Jon Conkey said...

Hi Angela, These sunflowers were so numerous I had to figure out a way to capture their numbers-without actually painting every one. I learned a lot from my attempt, but would handle it differently next time. As far as they being "feminine", these sunflowers kicked my !@#.