Tuesday, December 26, 2006

# 243 After Glow

A valley town off the "high road" in the mountains of New Mexico after sunset. I think this town is Llano, but I am not sure, there are so many hamlet style towns they are hard to keep straight. Oil 12.00" x 18.00" email jon@jonconkey.com for purchase info.


Julie Thompson said...

Stunning! I love the moods you're able to put into your paintings.

Jon Conkey said...


Thank you for the encouraging words.

Leslie Sealey said...

Hi Jon,
I'm really impressed with your paintings. It looks like you've made a big leap forward; I notice it starting around the time of that painting called "Night Tracks." Your paintings look more confident and sophisitcated (by that, I mean variation and control in brushwork, subtle and effective color). I can't wait to see what you do in 2007; no doubt it will be a banner year for you.

tonypetersart said...

This one is great, Jon. The bluish palette is beautiful and I love the paint handling on the road and trees. A++

Jon Conkey said...


I am touched by your kind words...I will be doing quite a bit of travel in 2007, hopefully, it will put me on the map.


Jon Conkey said...


I almost thought this one was a loss; due to the mess I created. It just shows that color and composition are the essence of a good painting.


rob ijbema said...

great little paintings,love the textures,remind me of them old russian painters