Wednesday, January 24, 2007

# 261 Farmer's Market

This is as loose as it gets. Oil 9.00" x 13.00" $350. 


H Malott said...

Very nice. I really like this. The figures read well. ~Heidi

Leslie Sealey said...

Good one! I always like your paintings with people in them.

Jon Conkey said...


Thanks much! How did you know those folks could read well...they don't even have their books with them. hahaha

Jon Conkey said...

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for stopping by. I need to get over it and just start putting folks in my work more often. I cannot tell you why I don't do it is just something in my head. I either paint a person alone, or a landscape alone, but rarely both. I think too much about figures and their placement...things must change!