Friday, January 26, 2007

# 263 Snow Path

Working on creating more depth in my last few paintings, this one incorporates a "side rake" lighting that helps much. Oil 13.00" x 18.00"  $700.


C. Ousley said...

This painting makes me think of a cup of hot coffee. In that house at the end of the path there is one brewing... I know there is. Cream and sugar please. Excellent painting.

Jon Conkey said...


Thanks! You are right! Organic Taylor Farms French Roast Coffee, brown sugar, cream, and an awesome view of the Mora Valley. What time did you say you'd be here?

René said...

Count me in!!
you succeeded much more depth, by searching for such a composition.
Sometimes it's just a few meter left or right that does it.

Great one!